Saturday, April 17, 2010

And the #9 reason is . . .

Good Morning!

I'm taking a study break today to post some eats from Friday.  Along with #9 reason why body fat is great!

And it is:
Reason #9: Winter.  They are sooo much more bearable with a healthy amount of body fat.  Before I would dread going inside, dread going to other people's cold houses, and more than anything was just never warm enough no matter how many layers of cuddl duds  I wore.  No layers can keep you as warm as a healthly layer of fat!

           To proceed, Here's usual breakfast with flax cereal and almond butter:

Lunch was some roasted sweet potato and carrots with salad and toast:

Followed (so typically) by drinking chocolate:

Dinner was a random combination with couscous and chickpeas on one side
and some black bean taco filing on the other:

And a strawberry crisp to end it:

Have a great weekend!  I will be traveling the next six months, but will join you again in 2011

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  1. Love this countdown with body fat! I can completely relate to this one. I spent my skinniest winter in England, and I froze my ass off. I think if I go back this winter, I'll be a little warmer :)