Thursday, April 8, 2010

How Do You Reward Yourself?

When I was modeling, almost anything with over 200 calories a serving was off limits (well almost). I really never touched ice cream, cookies, cake or other sweets. After quitting, I slowly started incorporated these treats into my regular eating. Quickly, getting something previously off-limits became my go to reward for any type of situation.

Whether I finished a hard exam, got a good grade on a paper, or simply had a good day, I would make a beeline to Whole foods to pick out my treat if there was nothing else interesting going on. When I was trying to gain weight a couple years ago, this strategy worked, but now I no longer need the extra inches around my hips and have had to brainstorm new rewards. Here are some of the things I do now:

1. Spend some extra time with modeling husband if he’s free

2. Spend more time with him

3. Watch a movie with him

4. See what friends are up to if he’s busy

Really though, sometimes a girl just needs some budget-friendly pick me up that she can do herself like:

Cheaper flowers are the same price as a pint of ice cream- and they last longer :)

I will buy these and freeze them in between every use, so it’s ready whenever I need a boost

It’s quick and makes me feel great. What do you all do?

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