Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Orange Smoothie

I really like the idea of vegetable based smoothies. Fruit is okay, but it is vegetables that really have the highest levels of most vitamins and minerals. However what I don’t like are green smoothies. I have really tried to give them a fair shake, but I just haven’t discovered a recipe that suites me. Anything with spinach shouldn’t taste sweet in my book. To solve this problem I have been rebellious and drink orange smoothies! I love carrots, pumpkin, and summer squash and am perfectly fine with these vegetables sweetened. Here is my smoothie from this afternoon:

Recipe: 1 cup soy milk, 2 Tbsp spirutein powder, ½ cup of carrot, pumpkin, and/or summer squash puree, cinnamon

*I like to cook the carrots and summer squash first before pureeing in a food processor and it makes the shakes much smoother
** Be sure your milk has a little bit of fat in at as you won't absorb the carotinoids without it

Model husband even came over and had a bit . . . and liked it!

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of spring and if you have a great green smoothie recipe I would love to try it!

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