Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Daily Eats

Hope everyone is getting some spring weather like we are here! Today was a pretty busy study day, I have a really big test at the end of the month, so I will be simply posting what I ate:

I'm up at 5 AM and have a hard time stomaching anything sweet at this hour (I've been known to have bowls of gnocchi or rice for breakfast).  So breakfast was Finn Crisp rye crackers with a bit of goat cheese.  These are nice and crunchy like Wasa crackers, but are much easier to dip and spread things on.

When I'm in study mode, I do best with lunch being my biggest meal of the day to keep me fueled:

Steak tips and a spinach salad with raspberry vinegrette, feta, and lots of pinto beans!  Dessert was a microwave brownie with extra chocolate and powdered espresso which I started to eat before remembering to take a picture- you can tell I'm new to blogging!

Have a great day! 


  1. so nice to find new blogs- I am eatsleeplaugh on Twitter bTW. That brownie sounds really good- do you have a recipe?

  2. Thanks! It's one of those "eyeball" recipes but I'll attempt a real one :)

    -1 Tbsp baking cocoa
    -1 Tbsp flour
    -1-2 Tbsp agave nectar
    -1 Tbsp oil or butter
    -1 tsp vanilla extract
    -1 tsp powdered espresso
    -extra chocolate chips on top
    -a pinch of salt and a super tiny pinch of baking soda

    1. Add 2-3 Tbsp of milk or water until it reaches a brownie/pancake consistancy
    2. Microwave around 20 seconds
    3. Microwave additional 10 seconds if your microwave takes longer

    Hope you like this!

  3. Up at 5? Yikes, that’s painful. (Can you tell I’m not a morning person?) That brownie sounds so good! I love that one, it’s a good portion size. And two, you can make it in the microwave.

  4. Hi! welcome to blogging! I wake up at 5am too, to go to the gym and only have an akmak cracker or two with a little honey or pb on it to get me going & through the workout. Your salad looks great (and I don't eat much meat) and that brownie sounds awesome! I was gonna ask for the recipe too, so thanks for posting!