Monday, April 12, 2010

Why is a Healthy Amount of Body Fat Great?

Today I'm beginning a countdown on why having some body fat is good for women.  After personally gaining weight to get to healthy fat level, I will present to you my (and my husband's) reasons in the upcoming blogs.

Reason #10 Having fat under the skin works to make skin feel softer better than any lotion out there.  After gaining weight, modeling husband has been constantly remarking about how my skins feels much softer and appealing than it did before.  I think our culture emphasizes how sexy looks, but the sensual feeling of sexy can't be neglected!  Men can't be soft and there is something so feminine about being soft.

Following up, here are my eats so far (I both have fat and eat healthy fat!):

                  A quick breakfast: goat yogurt with mango, mmm

Followed by my mid-morning perk:

A crunchy lunch of carrot rappe, ham, and toast (yay new jam)

And a dinner with some pesto, pasta, and zucchini:

Let me know why you love a bit of body fat!

1 comment:

  1. I've never been down so low where I can imagine wanting more! I will say I like having fat in my face.