Friday, April 9, 2010

Sweet Friday

Hey all!  Hope everyone is having a good night.  I had a busy study day today as I have a 8 hour practice exam tomorrow.  I was under a bit of stress, hence all the sugar I ate today!  I'm not one for snacking, but it does really help me to be continually productive at times I normally would be tired, so once and I while I go for it.

                      Breakfast:  fruit and toast with almond butter

Mid-morning pick-me-up: drinking chocolate

Lunch: Thinspired's chili (a great recipe), soy crisps, and salad

Mid-afternoon pick-me up:  mocha cookies

Dinner: Salad, yogurt, and guess what?  more sweets, caramel corn

I hope to show you more balanced eating tomorrow.  Have a great weekend!

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